Registered Jerseys

Lady-Lane Farm is home to approximately sixty purebred registered Jersey cows.  The Jersey breed is one of the oldest dairy breeds and dates back six centuries.  Garry chose the Jersey Cow as the sole breed for his dairy due to their superior milk components and efficient conversion of feed to milk.  They have a higher tolerance for hot weather and are well known for their longevity in a producing herd.

The Ladies of Lady-Lane Farm have been bred for specific traits.  These traits include exceptional mammary systems, the capacity to consume larger amounts of feed by being longer, deeper, and wider bodied, functionally sound on their feet and legs, and overall are desirable to work with and attractive in their appearance.  


Sale Updates

  • We have consigned a first choice daughter of Lady-Lane CVE Kassie from “Tequila” pregnancies due in July to the Midwest Spring Special Sale!  Rochester, MN.  April 6th 2013.  For more information about “Kassie” please email us at

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